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What’s good! Thanks for visiting my All Rookie Campaign page. If you're here, I hope you’ve already enjoyed a cup of my First Team All Rookie Blend.

It took me around the world and back to get here. I was raised in Pickerington, OH, and played college basketball nearby at Ohio State. After four years with the Buckeyes, my name wasn’t called on NBA Draft Night, and I broke my finger just two days before my only Summer League offer. So I spent my first professional season in Belgium, even though I had never left the country — honestly, I had never even left Ohio for more than two weeks! I spent my second pro season in Australia, where I became familiar with some of the best basketball fans in the world. But my dream was always to come back home and reach the NBA. Now, home for me looks a whole lot like Houston.

Rockets fans know that this hasn’t been the easiest season. But at this point, I’m used to being the underdog, BUILDING from the ground up. I’m trying to make the most of my opportunities this year, but I also know I need to go harder than ever to keep improving. My goal wasn’t just to make it in this league. I’m a real competitive dude, and I’m not gonna rest until I help bring Playoff games back to the Toyota Center.  

There have definitely been a few highs that I’m proud of. To celebrate the first step in my NBA career, I’ve partnered with Greenway Coffee for this delicious blend. Anyone from H-Town knows what’s good with David, Ecky, Niken and the squad at Greenway. Needless to say, they’re doing this thing the right way.

I’ve also partnered with DUALSTREETS, one of our city’s greatest visual artists. DUAL stands for the conflict between “street art” and “fine” art, between freeway burners and gallery exhibitions, between mass recognition and total anonymity. I feel that energy. His work represents the journey basketball has taken me on, and in the originality I try to bring every single night. I couldn’t possibly find a truer Houston artist to make this vision come to life.

Proceeds from the “FIrst Team All Rookie” campaign are going directly to the Be a 9th Wonder Foundation. Their mission is to develop young men and women in the Houston area through education, mentorship and youth sports while hosting events for Children with Autism and Special Needs. Again, I’m used to being the underdog and working like I had everything to lose. So I’m going to rise to the challenge any way I can when it comes to helping our community.

Year One is in the books. Thank you for riding with me, the best is yet to come.

Grab a bag of coffee here.

Enjoy the All-Rookie “Rocket fuel!”


Jae'Sean Tate

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